Marcb 30, 2010: Seven months is far too long between posts. Viosac has been busy and not busy, completely dedicated to music and thoroughly distracted, alive with a unique and fresh vigour and on the verge of death.

Under those circumstances an improbable and atypical CD has been released. I’ve been using the phrase Dawning Luminosity for a personal blog I keep, but is a very appropriate title for this new CD, describing as it does: death, rebirth, and the cycling and closing a very old ellipsis.

Dawning Luminosity

The music is best described as ambient drone, with an emphasis on stasis and insistence. A single 53 minute piece. Instrumentation is entirely a Moog Voyager OS, modified with a Vermona Retroverb and a Roland SBF-325. The mix was post-processed through two Tascam 32 half tracks: Frippertronicy as best I can. As with Rusty Pile and You are planning to enjoy the apocalypse, the sound remained in analogue form until mastering.

We have not done music quite like this before …

Excerpts are available here and here. Dawning Luminosity can be purchased here.

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