August 27, 2009: I noticed today that a review of Rusty Pile was published in the German online industrial-noise-style webzine kulturterrorismus. Sadly I don’t know German, but the review sounds positive from the Internet-generated-non-human translation below. John Whyte is speaking to a German-English-fluent-friend to have a translation done. (Today must be joining-words-together-day.) Fatigue is setting in.

Thanks to the kind folks at kulturterrorismus … and apologies for this translation.

What must an art project such as VioSac (Violence and the Sacred performing ace VioSac) move after 16th years in the sinking in addition to produce new album with “Rusty Pile”? A question for what the answers keep a lookout follows how: “No Label! No motivation! etc. etc.,! why the return put on in own achievement “Rusty Pile” the more amazes, represents the one futuristic maximum performance.

Since the foundation in 1985 as collective, around as tied on for a Chris & Cosey concert to serve, developed VioSac to the a man project of Graham Stewart that with the receptions to “Rusty Pile” in 2007 the “motors” of VioSac newly started.

In substance the first sign of life offered did not extend insanity pure after many years, that by basalt dream up to determinations such as “two persons the same eyes such as you”. To that, the Canadians “paved” yet lines of William Shakespeare (1564 – 1616) on in order to complete the insanity. He, who appreciates chaotic conditions in the thematic area, does not pass by at “Rusty Pile” of VioSac!

Graham Stewart reveals on the 8 shorter like longer sound documents a minimalistische such as experimental consolidation of the styles Noise, Industrial and field reception which it presents especially reservedly and/or less krachig. In the special, “Rusty Pile” bribes through the homogeneous mixture out of synthetic components & traces of real instruments such as cello, bass, guitar & gong Tibetan by what means the Gesamtsound sounds very organically how complexly, although the participant serves exclusively with minimalistischen song structures. Altogether everyone move played trickily on the Oeuvre in the Midtempobereich, that between “easier” Rhythmik & atmosphere deep swing and to no time really in trip come, honor give it the impression a futuristic meditation to its Graham Stewart related to the Akzentuierung most different Language & Tonsamples such as a singing Chinese, old VioSac material, air sounds etc.:, which provide altogether for a high change wealth & against recognition value of the single Kunstcollagen on “Rusty Pile”.

Who Brachialität or brutality of a work expected “Rusty Pile” can forget for itself, would be allowed to please on the other hand fans of radio play out of sounds this opus, which shows no real allude tip based on its extreme homogeneity, why definitively counts: “Love it or hate it!”.


Freaks, that the special seek appreciate how, should convince himself this gelungene such as futuristic return “Rusty Pile” of VioSac out of Noise, Industrial & field reception do not escape let, which through compactness, independence & Abgedrehtheit – my absolute recommendation!

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