August 20th, 2009: You are planning to enjoy the apocalypse has been out for two months now. I’ve sent over 200 copies to friends, radio stations, reviewers. I’m pleased with the response to date, which has been faster and more enthusiastic than with Rusty Pile. It has received quite a bit of airplay, particular in Montreal and Australia, and on a scattering of Canadian and American stations. Three reviews have appeared:

I particularly enjoyed’s charming characterization of us as “elderly”. I suppose it’s true in a sense.

I keep thinking about where to go next with this and am torn between pushing the music toward greater formal experimentation or producing something more gentle and beautiful. The two aren’t mutually exclusive, of course. It feels like a conscious choice. I don’t really follow an intense inspiration. Much of the music stems from emotional states, but is tempered by deliberate extra-musical decisions about how it should sound. We’ll see …

A friend recently said that the couple of months after a CD is released are always hard because of the lag between the completion of your creative output and any reaction that might arise to it. It kind of goes out into a non-responsive vacuum. Given that, these two months have treated me well.

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