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June 18th, 2009: Time is roaring by mercilessly hence I am very happy to release, today, the latest VioSac CD: You are planning to enjoy the Apocalypse. Pleased, as it has taken some time for this to be available (partly due to the effort put into Rusty Pile promotion, partly due to ever-more-finicky insistence on the perfection of little details), and also pleased as I feel this is a significant improvement over Rusty Pile both musically and in the quality of its holistic expression.

I will write in more detail about this release in the next few weeks, as well as try to document my, and others, changing feelings towards it.  YAPTETA is now out there, alone, hopefully not too cold and hungry.

Many thanks are due to all those wonderful people who helped me along the way with advice and commentary of all types.  Particular thanks is due to John Whyte, without whose strategic vision and expert design, this project would not exist.

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