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June 27, 2008: Rusty Pile (CD) is mostly finished, slight cleanup, details of design. But otherwise it’s done. Now we have to find a label, or make it ourselves (easily done) the find distribution.  Self doubt prevails, yet this is what came out.

Tascam 58

August 2007: “new” Tascam 58 used extensively with Korg SQ-10 to provide time, other Korgs triggered by the SQ-10’s outputs.  Newer quite did this before, but a bit on Xenophonics in 1993.  Can we really accept that so much time has passed? Since we construct our our realities, perhaps if we pretend that we have a choice to not accept that so much time has passed, it won’t have passed, or more likely, it won’t MATTER that it has passed.

October – November 2007: complete “Short Piece in the “Electronic Style””, “Two People Don’t Have Eyes Like You”, “Basaltic Dream”, grab old pretentious Shakespeare piece from 1989, realize that we like it and do another using only old tape inputs to the SE-500 stage echo as the sound sources — and the sonnets of course.   The result: time and death, the words speak for themselves.

December 2007: an early winter (snow stated in late November) allows us to focus on music and not on other tasks: turning the garden, giving everything a final mow, stacking and cutting wood, putting the cars and tractor away for the winter, cleaning out the flower gardens.  This year it went from a warm fall to snow.  “Snubs Munch” is silly, but “Rusty Pile” takes more effort: 23 minutes, several distinct sections, syncing the RX5 to the Tascam 58 using a Cooper PPS-1.  Old technology still works.  We like the results.  Scott almost played on “Rusty Pile” but the weekend got canceled, sadly.

Whte Pines

Xmas: In 2000 we planted 100 white pines (Eastern North America’s main native tree, once covering this area, until the butchers from across the ocean arrived and cut them down to make masts for the British navy — butchery to butchery) a small gesture, but something.  This year with mixed feelings and to make room for  larger trees, we cut one down to share a Christmas tree between Toronto and Woodville.

January 2008: complete “Rusty Pile” and “Do You See any People” (the latter using the excellent Maxi-Korg) and start the long process of learning how to code zeros and ones.  We buy a fancy A/D converter (Mytek) and a laptop/PC interface (E-mu 1616m) and discover that there’s lots of clicks and pops in the audio no matter what we do (different PCs, cables, settings, drivers, etc.).  This is very frustrating as we work in computers (and assume some knowledge about them) and vainly believe that we have some knowledge about music, AND, because we really don’t even want to do this, seeing the zeros and ones as something defined, something antithetical to creativity.  Is the lesson that we should only do what we want?

Finally determine that it’s no one thing, but the interaction of the S/PDIF out on the Mytek and the S/PDIF in on the E-mu.   Once we replace the E-mu with an interface from RME, no problems.  Now it’s May 2008.  In the meantime we have recorded all of the second CD, also on the Tascam 58, You are Planning to Enjoy the Apocalypse.  We like this even more.

June 2008: Finish mastering Rusty Pile.  Now it’s ready.  Now what do we do?

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