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May 21, 2010: This is a Google Translate interpretation of Kulturterrorismus‘ review of Dawning Luminosity:

Into three “acts” VioSac celebrates “Dawning Luminosity” a world full of sadness and determination that is reminiscent only in terms of sound (analog instrumentation) to previous works and otherwise a return or further disclosed to deep drones, which certainly new listeners layers opens up, if this performance is no “flash in the pan is.

Actually, there should be no problem to find a suitable label for VioSac, but somehow seems the Canadians on high-quality products (made in press) abzufahren & self-distribution, probably to keep all the reins in his hands (to be).

Content immerses the artist in a mysterious matter that is derived from the images, between the Middle Ages and a modern winter moves and the horned lark is dedicated, which somehow does not fit in the majors overall context “Understand, and be free!”, But in the end the mass of lunatics VioSac shows what this project became known. If you are looking madness comes to actually VioSac not over – point!

In contrast to the previously very experimental ideas VioSac delivers on “Dawning Luminosity from” a simple, almost monotonous soundscapes, which can be described best with minimalist drones that have a lot of atmosphere but also monotony and quickly burn in my memory “. Persons who wish Draught & hypnosis also should approve these three overly long tracks on “Dawning Luminosity” and dive in head relaxing cinema. Especially like the very clear structures like the individual songs that never make the music themselves, but their effect in the foreground, so the Konsumentenschaft here expecting a phenomenal listening experience, which gives freedom of thought, when one enters it.

All the individuals, which was previously too VioSac rather queer and turned to with “Dawning Luminosity” risk a new attempt, the result of the lighter (sound should) succeed fare! VioSac real fans should, however, a little missing from the experimental spirit of bygone days, hopefully on future albums is growing again!


VioSac revealed with “Dawning Luminosity” an almost catchy release, the ambient & drone fetishists necessarily have to call their own, however VioSac followers of earlier days could be a little disappointed. Although the absolute change my recommendation, based on the high (almost overwhelming) expression of the plays, which invite to a beautiful mind movie that, under the motto “Understand, and be free!” Runs out!

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May 19, 2010: Dawning LuminosityA nice little review of Dawning Luminosity was published today in the Vital Weekly newsletter. Quoted here:

Back in Vital Weekly 656 we were re-introduced to Violence And The Sacred performing as Viosac, the new name of what was once known as just Violence And The Sacred. Still I have no idea why they hold on to the addition ‘Performing As Viosac’, and not just simply return to the old name. ‘Rusty Pile’ wasn’t a convincing come-back album I thought. Perhaps a bit too much of an unedited jam-session. The CD after that ‘You Are PLanning To Enjoy The Apocalypse’ wasn’t received here. The new work ‘Dawing Luminosity’ is however a great work. Viosac move into a more ambient territory here, which not necessarily adds much to the world of ambient and drones, but the quality is great. Its one piece in three parts and I’m told its all analogue synthesizers and analogue processing. Very slow moves around here, this an almost perfect piece of surround sound, ambient in the very most true sense of the word. An excellent disc of some heavenly music. As said, it doesn’t add much, if anything at all, to what we already know about this kind of music, but its very rare that it unfolds into such a beauty. (FdW)

The original context will be here in a day or two. It is also here, near the middle of the page.

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August 29, 2009: Once again a review from kulturterrorismus, this time of You are planning to enjoy the apocalypse. I am impressed with their enthusiasm … translation below, non-human-generated, hence pretty much useless, but it does convey some meaning, I believe. Apologies to the author. I really must learn some more languages.

Though I work with computers, easily 12 hours a day, more or less, I strongly believe they will never be able to successfully parody human thinking.

After the impressive return “Rusty Pile” (2008), which appear after 16th years in the sinking, VioSac with “You are planning to enjoy the apocalypse” offer its second work that gets threatening Apocalypse mood into domestic living rooms.

Did where the comeback yet alone find through Graham Stewart creation, the participants Ted Wheeler (guitar, Synthesizer), St. Deborah (song), John Whyte (design), Maureen Paxton (Kollagen) helped in “You are planning to enjoy the apocalypse” & Scott Kerr (?) with by what means VioSac “recaptures” a few the charm of past days, where one was collective another.

To approach contents light offered this publication the possibility the apocalypse and to be sure in the format of a “happening” in chip, Cola & beer by what means side-effect such as for example the loss of the own life stay away. Is named, who would like the end of the world antesten of the sofa out of already once, “You are planning to enjoy the apocalypse” of VioSac should consume, around which perhaps impending end of the world test on. Whom was “Rusty Pile” thematic too confused, would be allowed to accept this Release with its clear boundaries, or?

Analogous sound scenery determine the musical general view on “You are planning to enjoy the apocalypse”, which up to gloomily earth moving atmospherically tend of easily futuristically rhythmic and demand the complete attention of the interested listener community, which loses otherwise definitively the red path of this publication. He, who demands of publications a high change wealth, gets offered this event here and not too tightly why the majority of the world population might be overcharged with “You are planning to enjoy the apocalypse”. To the Akzentuierung, Graham Stewart in that 8 to hearing scattered played trickily most varied tone & Sprachsamples on, which perfect the chaos. To notice in would be in this context, that “You are planning to enjoy the apocalypse” substantially more structured out of the loudspeakers sounded than be predecessor “Rusty Pile” in order to not to mediate the impression of the inaudibility.

Individuen which artistic freedom wish, that opposes each conventions, a light gets offered with this second Oeuvre after the resurrection of VioSac certainly, hung would have to wind itself the remainder in the consumption before “pains” why the designation of an explicit allude tip falls.

These emotionally loaded sound scenery persons, whom prefer the free-thinking variant of the music, which far away all “underground normality” moves, must themselves on “You are planning to enjoy the apocalypse” of VioSac “pure pull” to experience around the feeling of the total personality – my absolute recommendation if one would like to drop himself of the remainder of the scenery!

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August 27, 2009: I noticed today that a review of Rusty Pile was published in the German online industrial-noise-style webzine kulturterrorismus. Sadly I don’t know German, but the review sounds positive from the Internet-generated-non-human translation below. John Whyte is speaking to a German-English-fluent-friend to have a translation done. (Today must be joining-words-together-day.) Fatigue is setting in.

Thanks to the kind folks at kulturterrorismus … and apologies for this translation.

What must an art project such as VioSac (Violence and the Sacred performing ace VioSac) move after 16th years in the sinking in addition to produce new album with “Rusty Pile”? A question for what the answers keep a lookout follows how: “No Label! No motivation! etc. etc.,! why the return put on in own achievement “Rusty Pile” the more amazes, represents the one futuristic maximum performance.

Since the foundation in 1985 as collective, around as tied on for a Chris & Cosey concert to serve, developed VioSac to the a man project of Graham Stewart that with the receptions to “Rusty Pile” in 2007 the “motors” of VioSac newly started.

In substance the first sign of life offered did not extend insanity pure after many years, that by basalt dream up to determinations such as “two persons the same eyes such as you”. To that, the Canadians “paved” yet lines of William Shakespeare (1564 – 1616) on in order to complete the insanity. He, who appreciates chaotic conditions in the thematic area, does not pass by at “Rusty Pile” of VioSac!

Graham Stewart reveals on the 8 shorter like longer sound documents a minimalistische such as experimental consolidation of the styles Noise, Industrial and field reception which it presents especially reservedly and/or less krachig. In the special, “Rusty Pile” bribes through the homogeneous mixture out of synthetic components & traces of real instruments such as cello, bass, guitar & gong Tibetan by what means the Gesamtsound sounds very organically how complexly, although the participant serves exclusively with minimalistischen song structures. Altogether everyone move played trickily on the Oeuvre in the Midtempobereich, that between “easier” Rhythmik & atmosphere deep swing and to no time really in trip come, honor give it the impression a futuristic meditation to its Graham Stewart related to the Akzentuierung most different Language & Tonsamples such as a singing Chinese, old VioSac material, air sounds etc.:, which provide altogether for a high change wealth & against recognition value of the single Kunstcollagen on “Rusty Pile”.

Who Brachialität or brutality of a work expected “Rusty Pile” can forget for itself, would be allowed to please on the other hand fans of radio play out of sounds this opus, which shows no real allude tip based on its extreme homogeneity, why definitively counts: “Love it or hate it!”.


Freaks, that the special seek appreciate how, should convince himself this gelungene such as futuristic return “Rusty Pile” of VioSac out of Noise, Industrial & field reception do not escape let, which through compactness, independence & Abgedrehtheit – my absolute recommendation!

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January 11, 2009: We are making significant progress on some refinements to the 2nd new Viosac CD, You Are Planning to Enjoy the Apocalypse (YAPTETA).  A good draft of YAPTETA was completed back in September, but the Rusty Pile release and promotion has consumed most of my efforts since then. Now that one CD has been released,  I can, somehow, hear the music a bit better through a listener’s ears and this helps me produce things that I think at least I would want to listen to. As a result, one piece has been shortened, one completely reworked, and one remixed.  Today I’m working on a new piece which if successful might be included and called Ovis Christus. If not successful it will, of course disappear.

The YAPTETA artwork is complete, except for a few words and, thanks to John Whyte, is very beautiful.

Rusty Pile has been receiving some airplay.  CBC’s The Signal has played three tracks, a few have shown up on CKLN in Toronto (A Missing Sense/Electric Storm), as well as some US stations in New Mexico and Michigan.  Interestingly the two tracks of Shakespeare sonnets have been almost always the ones chosen. These two tracks almost didn’t make it onto the disc as I found them a bit too self-consciously arty (for wont of a better word), I guess because of the words.  Odd, perhaps, that I would think of Shakespeare as being “arty” and not a bunch of electronic blips and pops. Of course, when push comes to shove, I don’t have a problem with being perceived as arty or pretentious.  Without pretense, what do we have?  Usually those words are used in the ongoing war against thought and intelligence, so I feel that need to be used carefully. I will always remember being hated at school.

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